“Swallowtail” has flown. My first ebook has been published on Smashwords and Amazon. This is my first foray into ePublishing after having had some 30 stories published on Literotica. I feel that I could have held on for a while longer, tinkering with it. But from my non-erotic writing, I know that a book is never finished; it’s only published. It was time.

Here is the blurb for “Swallowtail”:

An anonymous liaison with a young Goth princess. No demands. No strings. Perfect.

That’s what I thought at the time. Soon I realize that strings aren’t Dex’s thing. Ropes and cuffs perhaps, crops and floggers even, but no strings.

I learn that some pleasures come in unusual forms. I’ve never been averse to pleasure, but there are times I ask myself whether it’s worth the price of submission.

Click here to find “Swallowtail” on Smashwords or here to find it on Amazon.

cover_blur copy

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