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The Last Fembot

fembot3 copy

The Last Fembot is a bit of a departure for me — less erotica, more dystopia — but still steamy in parts. It’s now available on Amazon for $2.99, but Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for free. Check it out on Amazon or view an excerpt here.


A reformed sinner, a programmed seductress, and a world arrayed against them…

Jude is a nobody. Taken in by the Sorority as a child after the Ultimate Sin, he has toiled in the fields for most of his adult life. His goal is to keep body and soul together, and never again attract the attention of those whose scars he wears.

The world as he knows it is shattered when he discovers what is possibly the world’s last fembot in an abandoned house. Alive.

Confronted with the embodiment of evil, the catalyst for the Enlightenment that gave birth to the Sorority, Jude has a decision: leave her, turn her in, or see where her programming — and his — might lead them.

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