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Demonsong #3

The draft of the third volume of the Demonsong series is now done! It came as a bit of a surprise to see that all the scenes had a status of draft rather than outline. Now for the endless cycle of edits. It’s a tedious process but rewarding at the same time — filling in the blanks, tightening up the prose. Depending on how everything goes, I’m hoping for a launch in the spring of 2015.

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Succubus on Smashwords

The Succubus and the Seminarian is now available on Smashwords! You can check it out here. If you would like to review it, please drop me a line at and I’d be happy to provide you a complimentary copy.

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After several years, I returned to the story that started it all (for me at least). Incubus was the first series I posted on Literotica and garnered a lot of interest and feedback at the time. Over the last couple of years, I have revised and expanded it and it is now available on Smashwords and Amazon as an ebook.



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