The links below will take you to some free erotica and excerpts of stories I’m currently working on. I’ll be adding more stories in the coming weeks, so please check back. I also love hearing from readers, so please let me know what you think at

These stories contain explicit sexual content and are intended for readers above the age of 18.

The Assignation — A couple meet on their annual, silent tryst.

The Chaperon — A casual hookup under the watchful eye of an electronic chaperon.

The Last Fembot (excerpt) — The first two chapters of The Last Fembot.

The Duct Cleaner — This one popped into my mind as a result of an off-hand comment.

Swallowtail — Swallowtail tells the story of nameless protagonist who embarks on a journey of submission with a mysterious woman. This is the chapter that starts is all.

Anglerfish — This is a coming of (sexual) age story featuring a young lifeguard and an older woman.

Outsourced — A busy, working woman decides to outsource the lovemaking part of her marriage.

Group Hunt — The incubus’s consort joins him on the hunt.

More to come…

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