© 2016. KT McColl

Prudence Peters rolled over in bed and came awake slowly. Through a slitted eye she read the glowing digits of her clock radio and saw that it was earlier than usual. For once she didn’t mind. A growing excitement banished any thoughts of burying herself in her blankets and going back to sleep. She lay on her back now, eyes wide open, and smiled to herself.

Today was her birthday.

She took her time getting ready, wanting to draw out the moment for as long as possible before going downstairs to greet her family. They would be waiting with breakfast ready and with presents that she would open only after the dishes had been cleared. When she was a kid, she would have eschewed breakfast entirely and made a beeline for the gifts. But she wasn’t a kid anymore, after all, but a young woman. One on the eve of leaving the family nest to attend college in another state.

And so she took her time, wanting to savor the anticipation because it wasn’t every day you turned eighteen. She’d been looking forward to this birthday for so long that it was hard to believe that it was finally upon her. Eighteen. The age at which she turned from being a teenager to… well, still a teenager, but one with inalienable rights. Eighteen was both an age and a milestone, especially in her family.

She showered and took a moment to study her eighteen year old body in the mirror. It was a fine body. The athletics she’d pursued as an early teen still lingered in her slim, muscular form. It wouldn’t forever, she knew, so she vowed earnestly to not let the years steal away the image she saw before her. She would fight, certainly more than her mother had.

Because it was her special day, she took a little extra time with her makeup. Nothing over-the-top, just some lip gloss, eyeliner and eye shadow, all tasteful, all very mature and understated. She wanted to make an impression for her family.

She put on a shortish skirt and a form-fitting blouse, today eschewing the usual uniform of jeans and t-shirt, liking how the ensemble made her already long legs appear longer and her figure more womanly.

At long last she entered the dining room. Her mom and dad beamed at her. Her older sister, Eva, was there too, smiling that secretive smile of hers. In broad terms, Eva had told Prudence what to expect but had kept the details to herself. Prudence had a sense that today, she would be joining the club, the sorority.

She eyed the presents that sat in the middle of the table. There were some smaller packages and one bigger one. Could that be it? she asked herself. The box in question looked larger than she would have expected and she felt a fluttering thrill in the pit of her stomach.

“Good morning, pumpkin,” said her dad, rising to give her a kiss. “Happy birthday.”

Her mother followed suit.

“Thank you,” said Prudence.

“Sis,” said Eva with a knowing grin.

Breakfast was an artery-clogging plate of eggs, bacon, sausages, and grits. These things were her favorites even though she knew them to be bad.

When the dishes had been cleared, all attention turned to the gifts. There was a necklace from her mother, one that Prudence had coveted ever since she was a little girl. From her sister she got the newest iPhone. “So you can text me all about it,” she said with a wink.

“This next one,” said her father, “is from your mother and me.”

Prudence unwrapped the package slowly with shaking fingers. Her heart thumped in her chest. This was it. Even Eva leaned forward slightly to better watch the operation. Their eyes met briefly. They both knew what was in the box, Eva having completed this rite of passage a few years ago. Her older sister appeared flushed and excited on her behalf, which caused Prudence to tremble with anticipation.

She finally unwrapped the box and spied the label on it. “Oh my,” she breathed.

Her parents beamed at her.

“Shit,” said Eva. “It’s bigger than mine.”

“Go on,” said her mother after scowling at her eldest for the profanity.

Prudence opened the box and gazed at the item in it, nestled in a bed of velvet. “It’s huge.”

It was a Magnum. It rested like a shiny, dark secret in its box. It was indeed huge. It seemed to both reflect light from its black surface and absorb it too. Prudence had waited for this moment for so long that she was surprised at the trepidation that now stole into her heart. Things that are so often appealing in the abstract are often less so in reality. As she gazed upon its hard and unforgiving length, she wondered whether she was up for it, despite being eighteen. “Isn’t this overkill?” she asked.

“Once you can handle a Magnum, you can handle just about anything. Or so I’m told.” said her mother, blushing just a little.

Prudence almost didn’t want to touch it. It was too imposing. But she had to. She couldn’t not touch it, not now… not after waiting for this moment for as long as she had. In fact, the longer she looked at it, the more she needed to hold it. Like a dare or something. Prudence removed the item from the box and held it gingerly in her hands. It was big and heavy and longer than she would have expected. She ran her index finger lightly along its hard length.

Her mother looked at her proudly. Her eyes appeared a little misty. Perhaps she was remembering her own eighteenth birthday. Perhaps it was just that her little bird was growing up.

Prudence turned to her. “Can you teach me how to use it?”

Her mother blushed prettily. “I could, but I’d prefer it if you went to a professional. Like I did when I was your age. Like Eva did a few years ago.”

“Never underestimate the value of a good instructor,” said Eva with that faraway look she sometimes got.

“I’d feel better if you had some proper training. From a pro,” said her father. “Not that your mother isn’t a pro, but I don’t want her to pass her bad habits onto you. Having one of these things is empowering, and we all want to make sure that you’re educated to use it responsibly.”

Her father, as always the voice of reason.

Prudence nodded and reverently placed the Magnum back in the box. “Thanks everyone.”


 That night, before climbing into bed, Prudence retrieved the Magnum from its box and stood in front of the mirror. The black length that she held in her hand looked enormous and certainly more than a little threatening. She adopted a couple of poses, embracing her inner Charlie’s Angel before realizing how ridiculous she looked. Besides, she wasn’t ready to use it yet, so it felt wrong to have it out like this, having promised to resist the urge to play with the thing before her training. She debated keeping it under the pillow or on her nightstand, close at hand and just in case. With a sigh, she decided against it. It was dangerous to keep it too close, too tempting. Instead, she placed it back in the box and then placed the box in a drawer.

Her parents had arranged for private instruction the next day. She felt a little conspicuous as she walked to the shop Saturday evening, even though the Magnum was safely hidden in the tote she had slung over her shoulder. Still, she felt its weight and the sense of power it imparted. It was her little secret and she wondered what the other people on the street would think if they knew what she was packing.

The closer she got to her destination, the more apprehensive she became. Although she was now certainly old enough to own a Magnum, she felt uneasy about it. Surely her parents wouldn’t have given it to her if they didn’t think she was mature enough to handle it?

On the way, she met Jeremy, her sometimes flame. He rode his bike next to her as she walked.

“What are you up to?”

Prudence shrugged. “I have an appointment.”

“With who?”

“Whom,” Prudence said.


Not whatever, she wanted to say. There were rules, she thought. Rules that prevented misunderstanding, promoted clarity. You couldn’t just ignore the rules, which were there for a reason, after all. Like the Oxford comma, which she appreciated and used even though most her peers didn’t.

Prudence felt strongly about grammar.

Jeremy had wanted into her pants and he’d certainly succeeded up to a point. Even now, she marveled at her fortitude at uttering the final no. “No,” she’d said, a certain anguished breathlessness to that syllable. And Jeremy had eventually backed off, knowing that no meant no, rather than try harder. Still, it had been touch and go for a while, so to speak. Thinking back on it now, she wished she’d had the Magnum then. It would have made everything much easier.

A pretty woman stood at the counter and looked up as Prudence entered to the tinkling of a bell at the door.

“You must be Prudence,” she said.

“I am.”

The woman nodded. “I’m Amy. You’re here for the basics, right? I think your mother called to make the arrangements.”


“Do you have any previous experience?”

Prudence felt a flush creep across her cheeks. “A little. Not much.”

“That’s fine,” said Amy with a reassuring smile. “We’ll take good care of you. We specialize in those for whom this is new.”

Whom, thought Prudence. She liked Amy immediately.

After filling out some forms, Prudence returned the clipboard to the counter.

“Would you prefer a male instructor or a female?”

Prudence hadn’t thought of it. “What would you recommend?”

Amy shrugged. “Some women feel more comfortable with a female instructor the first time around. Some don’t mind either way.”

“I think I’d prefer a woman.”

“No problem. Come back with me and I’ll introduce you to Ruby.”

Prudence was led behind the counter and down a long hallway. This was it, she thought. She felt apprehensive and more than a little excited. The bag holding the Magnum bumped against her hip.


 Ruby was a stunning Asian beauty with finely sculpted features and a cascade of shimmering black hair that ended somewhere around the middle of her back. Despite her diminutive stature, Ruby was more than a little imposing. She exuded the kind of confidence and worldliness that Prudence hoped she might also acquire after some training.

Amy withdrew and Ruby pointed to a chair on the other side of the desk. “Have a seat.”

She had the slightest of accents, which Prudence found particularly beguiling.

“I understand that you received a special birthday present.”

“I did.”

Ruby shook her head. “Ordinarily I’d have recommended that such a personal item not be given as a gift.”

“I can certainly understand that,” said Prudence with a shrug. She’d thought much the same but felt that it would have been impolite to say so.

“Let’s see what you have.”

Prudence dug around in her tote, removed the box, and unveiled the Magnum in all of its sleek, black glory.

“Wow,” said Ruby. “That’s quite a piece.”

“Uh huh.”

“I have to ask you — why does a young woman like you need something like this?”

Why indeed? thought Prudence. Strange, she hadn’t given it much thought before. This had been part of the family lore for so long that she hadn’t thought about asking why it should be so. “It’s kind of a family tradition, a rite of passage, I guess. All of the women in my family know how to handle themselves. My parents are strong believers in being prepared. You don’t want to be in a situation and not know how to handle yourself. Besides, if I’m confronted with something big and scary, I want to be able to stand my ground.”

“I understand,” said Ruby, glancing down at the Magnum. “I just question why a beginner, which I assume you are, has to have something so big.”

“Go big or go home. That’s what my always  dad says.”

“Could he handle it?” asked Ruby with a wry smile.


“The Magnum.”

Prudence blushed at the mental picture. “I don’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter, I suppose, but I think it would have been better for you to have started with something more modest.”

Prudence shrugged. She suspected that Ruby was right. “It was a present.”

“Is it loaded?”

“I loaded it before coming here.”

Ruby shook her head. “I’d recommend taking out the batteries before taking it out of the house.”


Ruby leveled her gaze at her student. “Imagine if it went off accidentally? Like in class or in church…”

Prudence paled. “I see what you mean.”

“Alright then, let’s start from the beginning. I want you to unload it and then load it again.”

Prudence had already practiced at home. She unscrewed the base and slid out the battery pack.

“Good. Always make sure the batteries look just like that. Pointed the right way. No corrosion. Keep it unloaded when not in use.”


“Load it again.”

Prudence did.

“I suppose you cleaned it, right? Even though it’s fresh from the factory, it’s a good idea to clean it. After that, you should clean it carefully after each use and before if it hasn’t been used for a while.”

“I understand.”

“Let’s set the Magnum aside for now. If you’re still interested in going forward, I want to help you work up to it. I’d recommend getting used to the smaller calibers before trying this one out. Does that sound okay?”

Prudence wasn’t quite sure what working up to it meant, but looking again at the Magnum on the table she sensed that Ruby might have a point. “If you think so…”

“I do. Are you ready to proceed?”

It was a curious question. It was why she was here, after all. “Yes.”

“Good. Take your clothes off.”

“My clothes?”

“It’s easier that way.”

“I can see that. It’s just…”


“I just wasn’t expecting…” Prudence thought about it for a moment. Truth was, she hadn’t known what to expect. If she’d thought about it at all, she would have realized that exposing herself would have been a distinct possibility.

“Would it help if I got undressed too?”

Prudence didn’t know whether to be alarmed or excited. Didn’t know whether being naked with another women would help or not. Now that she had a sense of where this was going, she wondered whether she wouldn’t have been better off with a male instructor. While she dithered, Ruby unbuttoned her blouse. She didn’t seem self-conscious about it at all. In fact, her actions spoke of the confidence that Prudence wished she had herself. She watched as Ruby shrugged off her blouse and then reach behind her back to unfasten her bra. Prudence swallowed as Ruby unveiled her breasts.  They were on the smaller side but wholly in proportion with the rest of her. Good Lord, she was beautiful.

“There,” said Ruby. “Your turn.”

Prudence reluctantly followed suit, pulling her t-shirt over her head. She stood before Ruby and hesitated a moment before removing her own bra. Her breasts were fuller and heavier than Ruby’s and she noted with some consternation how her nipples puckered in response to this unusual situation.

“Very nice,” said Ruby as she approached. She brushed the slope of Prudence’s right breast with the backs of her fingers, sending a shiver of anticipation through her. Was this really necessary? Prudence wondered. This seemed too much like foreplay. She supposed it was like a warm-up, like stretching before a race. Prudence wondered absently whether her sister had gone through a similar initiation and why it was that she hadn’t been warned. Perhaps it was better that she hadn’t been.

“Alright, Prudence. I know this is your first time but I need you to relax and trust me. Do you think you can do that?”

“I’ll try.”

“Good.” Ruby took her student’s hand and led her to a bed that Prudence hadn’t noticed before. “Lie down on your back.”

Prudence complied and Ruby lay down on her side next to her, head perched on her hand while the other idly stroked her student’s arm. “We’ll be covering a lot of things today, like safe handling and storage, usage fundamentals, grip and stance options, and control.”


Ruby’s hand had slid down Prudence’s torso as she spoke, alighting gently on her pubic mound as she finished her sentence. She resisted clamping her legs closed and willed them to relax.

“That’s good,” said Ruby. “I see we won’t have too much trouble with stance.”

Prudence laughed despite her embarrassment. “I guess I’m a quick study.”

She was acutely aware of her instructor’s touch and how her body responded to it. She’d expected some dry, classroom instruction. Things were anything but dry.

“With the proper fundamentals, you’ll always be able to hit your objective,” said Ruby.

Ruby nuzzled Prudence’s neck while her finger navigated her student’s folds. This Asian beauty evidently had little trouble hitting targets. Prudence was aghast at how wet she already was. Ruby’s finger swirled at her entrance and then rose to lightly brush Prudence’s clitoris. She gasped as a shiver of excitement coursed through her, chasing away her lingering apprehension.

“One of the main things you have to keep in mind is preparation. You can’t go off half cocked. Whether you’re handling a bullet or your Magnum, you have to be fully conscious of what you’re doing. If you’re not fully aware, you won’t hit your mark.”


“As always, everything works a lot better when all the working parts are well lubricated.”

Prudence was evidently having no problem with lubrication judging by the wetness she felt at her groin.

“Are you ready for a small caliber?”

“Yes,” breathed Prudence.

Ruby slipped her finger within Prudence’s pussy and she gasped. She’d done much the same to herself, of course, but this felt different. It was only half of the feeling, only the receiving part of it, but felt all the more intense for it. Ruby’s finger explored her tight hole, alighting on spots that had never before felt so attuned to touch.

“You’re doing well Prudence.”

She was doing better than well. Ruby’s aim was uncanny. “Sweet Jesus,” she breathed.

“That’s it,” cooed Ruby.

Prudence lay there while her instructor expertly manipulated her. One finger became two and Prudence easily adjusted to it. Ruby’s fingers flitted all around her sex, from clit to g-spot and back again, moving in and out, fluttering here and there, always goading an escalating response from her student.

“Don’t hold your breath,” said Ruby. “Nice, easy breaths.”

Prudence concentrated on relaxing, on steadying the rhythm of her breathing. She sighed and melted into the sensations that emanated from her core to her extremities.

“You’re very good,” she whispered.

“Shh,” said Ruby. “Just concentrate on your objective. Let everything else fall away….”

She did as she was told. She focussed on her breathing, on the delicious sensations between her legs. She concentrated on keeping her legs apart, open and receptive to her instructor’s touch. Wet noises emanated from her nether regions. She must think I’m a slut, thought Prudence. Or maybe a lesbian. She moaned, not so much at the notion of being thought of as anything she really wasn’t, but because Ruby had found a particularly sensitive spot.

As the sensations ratcheted up, Prudence glowed in the knowledge that she could handle the smaller calibers very well. Very well indeed. She stretched out on the bed, indicating with her movements where she wanted Ruby’s fingers to be. Ever the expert, Ruby understood the cues and responded accordingly. Though she was a beginner at this, Prudence reveled in a strange sense of power. She could do this. She hungered for the larger version of what was currently tipping her over the edge. If fingers could make her feel so good, what would more firepower feel like?

And it was that thought, the image of a thick, hard barrel thrust deep into her core, that finally caused her to clench her fists and cry out. Prudence came explosively, bearing down on Ruby’s questing fingers which were stroking her g-spot while her palm pressed and rubbed heavily against the hot nub of her clit. She felt those fingers bury themselves within her, felt herself clench around them. She unloaded herself upon them, round after round of wracking convulsions until Ruby gently removed her hand.

Her chamber was now empty and Prudence sighed.


 At length, Ruby got up and went to the sink to wash her hands.

“That was intense,” said Prudence.

“We don’t need to do this all today,” said Ruby.

“No,” said Prudence. “I want to.” The thought of going home without having broken out the Magnum wasn’t an option. She’d come this far. She wondered whether her family would expect a full report. Eve certainly would. “If that’s okay with you, that is.”

“In that case, how about we work up to something a little bigger?”

“The Magnum?”

“No. Not yet. I was thinking something in between, just to see how you handle it.”

“Okay,” said Prudence, perhaps a little too eagerly.

Ruby smiled and rummaged around in a chest that sat against the wall next to the sink. Prudence closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the afterglow and warming up to the promise of her next lesson. At length Ruby returned, strapping herself into a black leather harness. In her hand she held a device that was a little bit smaller than the Magnum but imposing nonetheless.

“This one is kind of an intermediate step size-wise. Here,” she said, handing the device to Prudence, “Have a look.”

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

“It’s a double-header. One end for you and one end for me. That’s why it’s called the Peacemaker. No one feels deprived, both parties get a little something. Helps to keep the peace, so to speak.”

“What’s this?” asked Prudence, pointing to a hole at the base of the device.

“That’s the chamber for the bullet,” said Ruby, holding a small silver cylinder in her palm. “It vibrates.”

“I don’t…”

“Look,” said Ruby, taking the device from her. “The bullet goes here and when you turn it on, it feels like this.”

Ruby offered the now vibrating length and Prudence held it. She felt dizzy with the possibilities.

“Do you want to go ahead with this?” asked Ruby.

“I think so.”

“Good.” Ruby loosened one of the straps of the harness and deftly inserted the longer of the two ends into a hole set in the front. Prudence stared with undisguised curiosity as Ruby inserted the smaller end into herself. The instructor sighed happily as she did so and tightened the entire arrangement. She faced her student and pointed the business end of the Peacemaker at her. It seemed bizarre and incongruous for a woman to be wielding such hardware but it was strangely arousing as well.

“Are you going to fuck me?” asked Prudence, though it seemed pretty obvious.

“That’s the general idea. And we’re going to practice another position which will come in handy when you graduate to the heavy artillery.”

Despite her earlier enthusiasm, Prudence now balked. It was too much. It was one thing to wield the instrument herself; quite another to have it wielded by another. The former was a little titillating, the latter seemed somewhat threatening and entirely too intimate. “I’m…”

“It’s not like you have a gun to your head,” said Ruby with a grin.

“I know. I want to, but it’s just…”

Ruby waited patiently as Prudence thought it over. It was unnerving having the Peacemaker pointed at her, cocked and ready. Yet it was also undeniably thrilling. Prudence could appreciate the immense power of it, the possibilities. Besides, Ruby looked damned sexy standing there, packing that major piece of hardware.

In the end, she surrendered by dropping back onto the pillow and opening her legs. She threw her hands up and grasped the headboard.

“I’m going to make your day,” said Ruby.

“I hope so.”

Prudence half expected her instructor to dive right in but she didn’t. Instead, Ruby told her to get on her hands and knees. This must be the new stance, thought Prudence.

“I want you to reach between your legs and guide me into you,” said Ruby.

Prudence mutely complied, feeling around until she grasped the Peacemaker by the barrel. She took a deep breath and drew it towards her waiting pussy, feeling an unearthly thrill of anticipation as it touched the margins of her sex. She could appreciate Ruby’s expertise. It was as though she were doing herself, pulling the slick length of hardness to her; there just happened to be a woman attached. The thought made her smile. She felt Ruby adjusting herself behind her, felt the light touch of hands on her hips. For a moment, they remained in this position, an arousing stand-off.

“Take me,” said Prudence. Capitulation.

Ruby eased into her ever so slowly. Prudence felt the slippery length brush against her fingers as Ruby pushed and felt herself stretch to accommodate this new girth, this delicious, vibrating foreign invasion. She knew that she would have no choice but to surrender to it. Her core thrummed as the hard length advanced within her, filling her as she’d never been filled before.

Soon her fingers met leather and she knew that Ruby had fully holstered the Peacemaker into her. She felt her instructor’s abdomen press against her ass, felt as Ruby bent over her to place a reassuring kiss on her back.

“Oh, man,” she whispered.

“I want you to rub your clit,” said Ruby. “I want you to come for me.”

A brief flash of embarrassment met the request until she realized the silliness of it. She was, after all, being taken from behind by a woman she’d only just met. She’d opened her legs to this woman, allowed her to penetrate her most private of parts, the holy of holies, like a common, wanton slut. To protest now, to quail at the indignity of it, seemed almost perverse.

Her fingers crept up to where she and Ruby were joined and alit on her tender, slippery nub.

“Good,” whispered Ruby from behind.

Her instructor slowly slid out of her until just the tip vibrated at her entrance and then quickly entered her again. It was an unbelievable sensation and Prudence rejoiced in the sense of fullness. Ruby quickly established a rhythm which Prudence matched with her fingers.

Soon she was gibbering like one speaking in tongues, mewling, yipping, and groaning like someone in the throes of some transcendent religious experience.

Each vibrating thrust heightened her arousal, took her one faltering step closer to the oblivion she craved. The means by which she was climbing no longer mattered. She understood then the wonder of pure, unadulterated pleasure. Her entire being bent to the ultimate fulfilment. It didn’t matter that others might not understand, might question the morality of this kind of empowerment. Prudence knew that she would never surrender her right to bare herself, to take pleasure from the power she wielded.

She gasped as a particularly forceful thrust rocked her. “Jesus…”

She made sounds that reminded her of small, whimpering animals. She clenched the sheets in her fists as she opened herself from this assault from behind. One of Ruby’s hands pulled at her hips while the other swatted her ass. Another gasp.

“Again,” whispered Prudence.

Another slap, harder this time. Prudence felt out of her head with the intensity of it. Thrusts and slaps, the sharp concussion of flesh, the unspeakable and beautiful pain of it. She surrendered to it all. The means no longer mattered for the end swam before her, beckoning.

A garbled moan, a crescendo of blurred sensation, and she was off.


 Prudence collapsed on the bed and rolled over onto her back. She was spent, completely empty and dishrag limp. Yet at the same time she felt the heady rush of accomplishment. She watched as Ruby divested herself of the harness and the Peacemaker. Ruby walked over to the desk where the Magnum lay and returned to the bed.

“Are you still up for it?” she asked.

Unless Prudence was mistaken, Ruby sounded enthused for the first time and Prudence felt that she had passed some kind of test and had earned her instructor’s respect.

However, Prudence was up for very little at that moment. “Give me a minute,” she said. “You wore me out.”

Ruby nodded and places the Magnum between them as they lay together. Ruby  idly stroked her Prudence’s abdomen. It felt good.

“I wish I could do something for you,” said Prudence.

“You are.”

“You made me come twice.”

“It’s not about the score. You’re a good student.”

“I think you’re a good teacher.”

“You can give me an apple next time. I don’t think you’ll be fit for much after the Magnum.”

Prudence suspected that Ruby was right. “Next time, then.”


Prudence felt a sweet, post-orgasmic peace as she lay there, safe and secure under Ruby’s soft touches. She also felt the promise of power from the Magnum that pressed against her side.

“How did you get into this?” asked Prudence. “I mean, there are tons of people who think that what we’re doing is wrong, even immoral.”

“It’s mostly a recreational thing for me now,” said Ruby after a long moment of silence, “but it wasn’t always that way. Several years ago, when I was around your age, I learned that for a young woman, the world was full of shitheels who wanted nothing more than to get into a girl’s pants. They would rob me of my dignity without a second thought. The problem was that I had my needs too but wasn’t about to debase myself by having them met by these predators. I realized that I could take matters in my own hands. I didn’t have to succumb to those who would take advantage of me, so I got myself a cute little Nano. It wasn’t much to look at, but it could certainly get the job done.

“My parents and friends were horrified. What on earth do you need that for, they’d ask. They didn’t understand that I was alone at the time and vulnerable. They didn’t understand that I was protecting myself against those who cared little about me and might do me harm. Lord knows what trouble I could have gotten myself into if I hadn’t had it. It was nice to have a defensive tool in my arsenal so that if things got squirrely and I was in a bad way, I could whip out my piece and defuse the situation. There was a comfort in knowing that I could deal with things myself.”

“I get that. I really do.”

“Besides,” said Ruby, “we have a right to pursue happiness was we see fit and I’m glad to defend that right whatever anyone else might think.”

“Some people just don’t understand.”

“Uh-huh. That’s why in this world of people who are all too willing to take all that is valuable to you, it’s more important than ever to stand your ground. There are those who find the right to self-gratification somehow distasteful, who would impose their morality on those of us who simply want to wrest some pleasure from life. There are those who want nothing more than take our toys away. You know as well as I do that people are all too willing to smear us as wanton lunatics. They would slander us as vibe-wielding, orgasm loving, depraved maniacs who stand in the way of decency. Well, I won’t remain silent. I say to them: I’ll give you my dong when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

Prudence smiled. “You’re so right. I was squeamish about it at first but now I’m not. Thanks for helping me, Ruby.”

They’d reached an understanding. In Ruby, Prudence had found a kindred spirit, a woman who would take no shit, who had the desire and means to defend herself.

“I think I’m ready for the last lesson,” said Prudence.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I realize that it’s not enough to have it; I want to own it.”

Ruby smiled. “Then I guess you are ready.”

The instructor retrieved the Magnum and slathered it in copious amounts of lube. “This is the last round,” she said. “Make it count.” She handed Prudence the glistening length. “Okay, kiddo, you’re on your own now.”

Prudence held it. It was heavy and for a moment she felt unequal to it despite all of the instruction she’d received. It just seemed too large, too imposing.

“To begin, I’d just assume the conventional stance, just as you are now.”

Ruby’s teacher voice was back and it reassured Prudence. She was in capable hands. “Okay.”

“Hold the base in one hand and keep it steady with the other.”

Prudence directed the Magnum to the apex between her legs. It kissed the labia and she felt a thrill of excitement. She couldn’t help it. The Magnum felt huge compared to the Peacemaker.

“Spread your legs a little more,” said Ruby, correcting her. “When you get more experienced, you can try one-handing it so that you can fondle yourself as well, but for now I recommend a two-handed grasp. Better control.”

Prudence pulled the Magnum against the narrow circumference of her opening. She would have thought herself more ready, but this device was proving to be a challenge.

“Don’t forget your breathing,” said Ruby. “Relax.”

Prudence obeyed.

“Between breaths, pull it in a little more.”

She did and felt the large, bulbous head breach the first point of resistance. She let out a shuddering sigh.

“You’re doing great.”

Prudence felt incredibly full, pulled open to the very limits. And it felt wonderful.

“Alright now, see if you can take more of it in.”

Things went more easily now. There was still the feeling of being mercilessly stretched, some pain, but far more pleasure. She felt her pulse in her throat, the heady buzz of renewed arousal. She withdrew the Magnum perhaps an inch and then inserted it further than it had been before. “Oh, God,” she whispered.

“That’s it,” coached Ruby. “Now twist the base and get the vibe going.”

She did and the Magnum responded with a gentle but intense vibration. “Ahh,” she sighed.

Prudence was dimly aware of Ruby’s hand, alternately brushing the tight nub of her clit and rubbing her juices along the length of the Magnum. For the moment, she was content to leave the Magnum where it was, allow it to suffuse her throbbing passage with its steady thrum. It was then that she noticed that Ruby’s hand had gone.

“Here,” said Ruby, getting off the bed. “Let me show you something.”

Ruby left for a moment and then returned, setting a tall mirror at the foot of the bed. She angled it until Prudence could see. And what a sight it was. She saw herself stretched around the impossible girth of the Magnum’s barrel, its implacable black length buried in the soft pink of her sex.

“Show yourself what you’re capable of,” said Ruby.

The instructor positioned herself next to Prudence so that she should watch the show as well. Her fingers idly circled the surface of her student’s breast, her touch describing a light orbit around a puckered nipple. Prudence could see at the edge of the mirror how Ruby’s fingers toyed with her own pussy.

Ruby’s touch and the sight of her pleasuring herself was enough to steel her resolve. Prudence played the first three or four inches of the Magnum in an out of her needy pussy, slowly becoming accustomed to the sublime intrusion. After a few minutes, she regripped and slid the shaft more deeply into herself, plumbing new depths.

Ruby’s hand left her student’s breast and alit once again on her clitoris, where it circled the tender, slick pearl, eliciting a gasp from her student.

“That’s it, girl. You’re doing great. Let’s see you go all the way now.”

Before she quite knew what she was doing, one of her hands left the Magnum and crept toward Ruby’s pussy, nudging her instructor’s hand away. Prudence turned her attention away from the thick rod that penetrated her and concentrated instead on the anatomy of her instructor’s sex. She’d never before touched another woman, but as this was a night of firsts, she felt open to it. Ruby’s mound was clean-shaven and smooth beneath her hand and Prudence tentatively navigated the its slick folds. At length Ruby’s hand fell away and a sigh suggested her capitulation.

“That’s nice,” whispered Ruby. “Just don’t forget about yourself.”

It was all the convincing Prudence needed. Encouraged by the delightful finger at her clit and her own fingers that were now buried within another woman, Prudence redoubled her efforts with the Magnum, sliding it out before plunging it back in, more deeply with every thrust. She felt confident now, one-handing it. It felt unspeakably intense, feeling the length of it withdraw and then claim her anew. It filled her as nothing ever had before.

“You’re almost there,” whispered Ruby. “Now squeeze gently.”

Prudence did and her world contracted into that wonderfully penetrated space.

“Oh, Jesus.”

“You’re doing great. Remember to keep your legs apart. Position is everything.”

Prudence barely registered the words. “Oh…”


Prudence was dimly aware of a frantic strumming at the crown of her pussy and of her muscles squeezing the implacable length buried within her. Her own fingers within Ruby’s snatch had stilled. She’d never been good at multi-tasking. She withdrew the heavy Magnum and drove its vibrating length home again. She peeked at the mirror and saw that she’d taken two-thirds of it. It was enough. More than enough.

She shuddered and arched her back as her world exploded.

Prudence could barely walk as she tottered to the lobby. Ruby had helped her dress and had shown her how to properly clean the Magnum after use.

She and Ruby rejoined Amy at the reception desk. “You possess a great deal of power now,” said Ruby. “Be sure to use it responsibly.”

“I will,” said Prudence.

Ruby looked at her, doubt written on her face. Had she helped to create a monster?

“Don’t worry,” said Prudence. “I’ll be good.”

Ruby nodded and held out her hand.

“Thank you for a special Saturday night,” said Prudence. “I learned a lot.”

And with that, Prudence left, her Magnum concealed in her tote, an incredible feeling of power in her heart.