This page lists the works that have been published and those that are currently in progress.


incubus_new_smNight was when the subconscious wandered. Sometimes it wandered into the path of a passing demon…

Britt Grayling is a 24 year old graduate student whose life, while not the stuff of legend, is comfortable and predictable. This peace comes to an end one night when she unwittingly attracts the attention of a hungry incubus. Far from being terrified, she finds herself inexplicably attracted to this mysterious creature.

Damian has been visiting sin and corruption on the unsuspecting for time immemorial, yet nothing has prepared him for his response to this woman. While Damian’s attentions awaken in Britt both dread and arousal – the two main ingredients in a demon’s sustenance  – Damian finds himself uncharacteristically unable to feed from the young woman. In all of his centuries, Damian has never found himself in this position. Something is very wrong.

The unintended consequences of their accidental meeting and mutual attraction soon become evident when both Britt and Damian succumb to a mysterious illness.

It is up to Kat, a succubus and Damian’s partner, to find a cure for the illness that threatens to consume both Britt and Damian.For all of them, the cost of the cure may be more than they are willing to pay.

Incubus (Demonsong #1) is available on Amazon.


succubus_SW copyKat is a succubus in self-imposed exile and has returned to her old stomping grounds of Heidelberg to get her head together.

She should have known better than to expect an easy return to the ranks of the unhallowed. What she never expected was to be recognized by Daniel, a young American seminarian, who seems to know more about her than he should.

Faced with the risk of being exposed as an agent of the devil, Kat is confronted with two equally troubling options – destroy him or turn him to her will.

Little do either of them appreciate the unseen hands that have brought them together, or the monstrous plans that depend on their unholy union.

The Succubus and the Seminarian (Demonsong #2) is available on Amazon.


swallowtail new copyWhen the nameless protagonist of Swallowtail is seduced by a young and aloof goth princess at an art gallery, he thinks of it as little more than an anonymous, erotic one-off.

However, his curiosity about the mysterious woman is piqued and it is not long before he calls the number that she left scrawled in lipstick on his chest.

With this call, he embarks on a journey of submission that redefines the nature of pleasure and the instruments used in its pursuit.

Swallowtail is available on Amazon.





outsourced copy copy“I’d like to outsource our lovemaking.”
I choke on my steak and reach for my wine to wash it down. “That’s funny,” I say when I recover.
“Or rather, I want to outsource my part in our lovemaking.”
I look at her and she isn’t smiling. I think that this must be a joke, a bad joke, brought on by the stresses of her job. Instead, there’s a look of intent determination on her face. Her brow is furrowed. I’ve never noticed how her brow furrows. They must have come on gradually, I decide, something that only time-lapse photography would have revealed. The burden of success has etched her face. Her mouth, which used to curve into an easy smile, is now set in a firm, pink line. She’s still beautiful, but the fullness of her face has eroded too, revealing a leanness that wasn’t there years ago.

So begins Outsourced, an exploration of desire, obligation, and the unintended consequences of outsourcing.

Outsourced is available on Amazon.


 shorts_smA reluctant attendee of a corporate party who succumbs to the silent advances of an anonymous woman; a busy professional woman who outsources her sex life; a suburban husband who is visited by a door-to-door orgasm salesperson; a woman who satisfies her hunger for meat by visiting an unusual farm…
These are the characters that populate “Bedtime Reading for Libertines”, a collection of erotic short stories that explores the quirky side of steamy.

Bedtime Reading is available on Amazon.





Works in Progress

The following are pieces that I’m currently working on. I’ll be updating the status of each.

Demonsong #3

This one is a sequel to Incubus and Succubus.

Status: First draft complete. Now editing furiously

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